Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ongoing class:

This is a place for some extra stuff I am planning to video since all of you have had such a hard time accessing the videos because of the amount of people taking this class. 
Only registered and paid students of Color Drop Flowers can view this video.
The password is the same as the "Color Drop Flowers" password
 I don't want to post it here just in case someone stumbles upon this private blog for my students only.

And I also had the username (dropflowers) for the password but that was my bad. I have corrected it with the correct password from the videos!
Thanks again for your patience!

And if you leave a comment sometimes for some reason I can't comment back if you don't have a Google account. It says "Profile Not Available" so it will not allow me to comment back I am not sure how that works exactly. 
Thanks again!

Color Drop Pots EXTRA! from Martha Lever on Vimeo.


  1. Martha, the password from the class doesn't work...I even copied and pasted it. Any thoughts?

  2. Thank you for that special little extra.
    I can't wait to learn how to do poppies as well :)

  3. Martha! Well; aren't you just the sweetest? But; I knew that :)

    Thank you SO much!

  4. Martha ~ you are awesome! I feel like you are spoiling me! This workshop is so much more than I expected ~ thank you!

  5. Great video and a nice surprise. Thanks, can't wait to paint some pots.

  6. Waiting makes the heart grow fonder!
    I am having a blast with what I can get and
    am practicing!!!!
    Thank you sweet Martha.

  7. Thanks so much Martha for the extras! I would love a list of the M. Graham colors you use. I have a few, but would like to get some more colors.

  8. Thanks for the extra piece. Went right through the entire 20 minutes without stopping. Much better than the class videos. Well done!

  9. Love the pots Martha. Thanks so much for sharing that technique! I had no trouble at all with this video. :) I'm very excited about your class and hopefully will have great success!!

  10. I've learned so much! Now all I want to do is paint! (I even dream about it!)

    Thanks, Martha!

  11. Martha, please help me find the class supply list on your site. I have the requirements to play with this wonderful color but I would like to print out your list to expand my toys . thanks.

  12. Can't see the video, but love the flowers, awesome!
    Hope your having an awesome time :)